We’ve all heard the cliché’ that your first impression is a lasting impression. While it may be possible change another’s perception of you it takes a lot longer than the 7-12 seconds it took for them to get that first impression of you.  

That is why now more than ever in today’s digital first world of business it’s important to make sure we are putting forward our best first impression or “Personal Brand” if you will. Our personal brand includes not only our reputation but our physical appearance as well.  That’s where a great headshot comes in.  

You want your headshot to make you look approachable and relatable but what else do you want your headshot to say about you?  Do you want people to see you as fun and outgoing or do you want them to see you as stern and down to business?  A good headshot photographer will be able to tell your story the way you want it told all within that simple headshot portrait.  

So whether your headshot is going to be used for a resume, linked-in or other social media, a sales flyer or a billboard you have to ask what is the first impression I want to convey then find a photographer who understands the message you’re wanting to send and have them create the perfect image for you.